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How to Stick to a Wedding Budget

Weddings are so incredibly special. It's an entire event devoted to celebrating one of the greatest moments in our lives, that is the moment we commit to growing old with the person we love most in this life. It's a time when friends and family gather together to celebrate, when sacred vows are shared, and a new life begins for a couple. But, weddings can be expensive. Walking into a new marriage with debt from a one-day celebration isn't necessarily the best idea...

Now don't get us wrong, we absolutely love weddings. I mean, we're wedding planners. We attend several weddings every year, planning and celebrating alongside our couples. We believe in the beauty of weddings, but we also know the reality of paying for said event.

So we strive to help the most tight budgeted and the do-it-yourself couples. We believe that a marriage is a lifetime, not just an event, so we have a huge passion to help couples celebrate their most special occasions, without breaking the bank!

So let's talk about how to stick to a wedding budget...

  1. Set a budget... YUP! Set a budget. It feels a little silly to type this, but so many of our couples haven't actually taken the time to map out just how much they are willing to spend.

  2. Prioritize... What are the things that are most important to you? Is it the venue, the dress, the food, the party, or is it something else. Jot these down, and make sure you keep the main thing, well the main thing.

  3. Prepare to compromise... Sticking to a budget means that there may be times where you have to compromise. Compromising doesn't mean bad, ugly, or sucky. It just means it may not have been your first choice, and that's ok! Maybe you choose to do a cash bar instead of an open bar, but you get the venue of your dreams. Or maybe you thrift some of your decorations, but you're able to book your dream florist.

  4. Stick to the budget... In the end, you just have to stay within your budget. If you spend more in one area, be prepared to spend less in another.

Just remember, in the end it's only 1 day. It's one day in the celebration of a lifetime. Set your limits and stick to them. Take a breath and enjoy the process. The details will work themselves out, and it will be more incredible than you could have imagined.

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